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TUI holidaymaker details nightmare trip to Cyprus with 'disgusting' food and rowdy guests

A woman has opened up about her holiday from hell after enduring problems with other guests and men “looking for a fight” at their hotel room door. Jayne Gelder, 50, had booked to go away this autumn with her friend in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, from September 30 to October 7. The pair had booked the holiday using the travel agency TUI.

The pair booked to stay at the Anmaria Hotel on an all-inclusive basis as they treated themselves to a getaway retreat on the Mediterranean island, despite knowing that it was “a party capital”.

Jayne said the hotel was nice, and they were pre-warned about the music around the pool. But, the holiday turned into a disaster due to the behaviour of the staff and holidaymakers at the resort.

She added that the food was “disgusting” and that she was greeted by a rude staff member, with no one from the hotel helping them take their luggage to the room.

However, things got worse as she noticed lads inhaling from balloons next to the pool, where young children were playing.

Jayne told NottinghamshireLive : “We sat on the balcony and there were two guys around the pool where kids were as well, and, you know when you do those gas canisters into balloons and inhale it? I said to my friend ‘Am I dreaming? What I am seeing?’.

“They were sat there inhaling what was in the balloons. Then they were throwing the canisters into the bush behind them, and the balloons were just on the floor around the pool. This is just unbelievable.”

She discussed another incident at the end of her holiday where her neighbours were “offering everybody out” for a fight in the early hours of the morning from their balcony. It included threats to “shank” other hotel residents and that they would “poke your eye out with a plastic fork.”

The disruptive guest was reportedly shouting at people to come to his room if they wanted to fight. However, he mistakenly shouted Jayne’s room number instead of his own.

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A spokesperson for TUI told NottinghamshireLive: “We’re concerned to hear about Ms Gelder’s experience in Cyprus. The safety and security of our customers is our number one priority, and we are currently investigating this further with the hotel.

“We will be in in touch with Ms Gelder directly to discuss the concerns raised.”



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