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Tyson Fury clip goes viral as boxing star urges ref to pull dazed Dillian Whyte from fight

Tyson Fury was seen urging referee Mark Lyson to pull a dazed Dillian Whyte from their fight on Saturday night, just seconds after the Gypsy King had landed the killer blow – and a clip of the incident has gone viral. Fury took six rounds to see off the Body Snatcher at Wembley Stadium.

Fury was the heavy favourite to win Saturday’s contest and looked comfortable throughout as he kept Whyte at bay. The 33-year-old toyed with his opponent and finally put the fight to bed as he floored Whyte with a right-handed uppercut.

Following the final punch, Whyte got back to his feet as he attempted to resume the bout. But the 34-year-old was clearly dazed and stumbled around the ring. And as Lyson assessed the situation to deem whether Whyte was okay to continue the fight, a concerned Fury shouted “no” across the ring and gestured with his arms for proceedings to come to an end.

Moments after Fury’s gesticulation, Whyte swayed into the ropes at the side of the ring as Lyson decided to stop the fight once and for all.

“Dillian Whyte is a warrior and I believe he will be a world champion. But tonight he met a great in the sport. I’m one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Unfortunately for Dillian Whyte he had to face me here tonight. It’s no disgrace. He’s a tough game man and he’s as strong as a bull and has the heart of a lion.

“I got offered to Wembley at home and I believed I owed it to the fans and to every person in the United Kingdom to come here and fight at Wembley. Now it’s all done, I have to be a man of my word and I think this is it. This might be the final curtain for the Gypsy King. And what a way to go out. A big thank you to the United Kingdom.”



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