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UK freeze: Sub-zero chills plummet UK to -6C as fog continues to cause commuter chaos

Forecasters have predicted a chilly start to parts of the UK as temperatures drop below 0C, causing frost and fog. There will be fog and frost by night, particularly across England and Wales where the wind will be light, before lifting during the day which is expected to bring bright or sunny weather.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna told “Daytime temperatures will largely be around average 6-9C, although locally a little milder in the north, and locally colder where any overnight fog is slow to clear elsewhere by day.

“Temperatures could fall to -5 or -6C in some rural spots of England and Wales overnight.”

Mr Petagna warned wind speeds could pick up in parts of Britain before the weekend, causing the real feel to be even colder.

He said: “Wind gusts could touch 50 to 55mph in the more exposed parts of N/NW Scotland on Thursday and heading into the weekend, but here temperatures will generally be a little milder than average, so the wind will just make it feel a little colder than average…”

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He said: “Whether that body of water is the ocean, a lake or a river, it tends to add moisture to the air, making fog more likely and more dense.”

The AccuWeather forecaster warned commuters to slow down while driving in fog due to the reduced visibility as well as use low-beam headlights to better illuminate the driver’s surroundings.

High beams tend to reflect back off the fog and become less effective, Mr Gresiak explained.

The weather in the UK is expected to more unsettled continuing into late January and into early February, with spells of wet and windy weather followed by brighter but showery interludes.

Overall temperatures are predicted to be near or a little above average though some colder interludes are possible.

While snow could fall to lower levels at times when the temperature plummets, higher ground in the north will be affected the most.



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