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UK heatwave: Brits warned of being trapped in heat dome amid extreme heat warning

As a result of the high temperatures which have already been seen and those yet to come, meteorologists have warned Brits may end up in a heat dome. Further concerns have also been sparked over droughts and therefore hosepipe bans.

The Met Office tweeted on August 9: “Temperatures will build through the week, peaking in the mid 30s Celsius on Saturday.

“An amber extreme heat warning has been issued Thursday – Sunday.”

While the heat is not as high as the record-breaking heatwave in July which saw an all-time high of 40.3C recorded in the UK, this heatwave could be of more concern.

Kirsty McCabe, the weather presenter for Sky News, warned that persistent heat can cause the creation of a heat dome which would make this heatwave more dangerous.

According to Ms McCabe, the build-up of heat from days and weeks of high temperatures can create an atmosphere of an oven for the hot air.

Kirsty said: “It’s the duration of the heatwave that will allow dangerous levels of heat to build up, especially in buildings and urban areas.

“The nights will be increasingly warm too, making it difficult to sleep.”

According to WXCHARTS, temperatures over the coming weekend will peak at 34C but at night will only drop by a few degrees with many forced to sleep in heat between 25C and 31C.

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Ms McCabe added: “By Thursday lunchtime, parts of the UK had exceeded 30C for four days in a row, and it’s likely somewhere in the UK will be above 30C for at least a week.”

A heat dome means that high pressure remains over a specific region for a long period of time and acts like a lid on a pan, trapping the air with no means of escape, causing temperatures to rise.

These conditions mean that the ground continues to dry out which is a major concern for fire brigades across the nation who have already struggled tackling wildfires.

A spokesman for London Fire Brigade said: “This summer has seen an unprecedented long, dry spell with high temperatures so the grass in London is tinderbox dry and the smallest of sparks can start a blaze which could cause devastation.

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“We are asking Londoners to help us protect the city we all love by doing everything you can to prevent further grass fires.

“Please don’t barbeque in open spaces or balconies, throw your rubbish away safely and put your cigarettes out properly.”

It is thought that a drought will be declared for the South-East of the UK on Friday which will restrict water usage.

The Met Office has warned the public of the negative effects of heat on the vulnerable and children while also noting that swimming in open water may lead to increased emergency incidents.



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