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UK heatwave forecast: Exact date in June next sweltering European plume to strike

The mercury soared to 32.7C on Friday as the UK recorded the hottest day of the year so far for the third day in a row. But temperatures could now fall as much as 15C in some parts of the country following the boiling spell.

However, weather maps suggest the mercury will be on the rise again later this month.

A map by WX Charts forecasts highs of 27C in London and the South East next Thursday.

Much of the UK will enjoy temperatures well over 20C, with the hottest reserved for the capital.

The South West is expected to be cooler than the South East with highs of 20C and 27C respectively. 

The Midlands is forecast to see temperatures of up to 25C, with the weather cooling slightly in the north of England with highs of 24C.

Parts of Scotland could enjoy 23C heat, with the west of the nation expected to be less warm along with Northern Ireland.

According to the map, the mercury will reach up to 23C in Wales.

The warmer forecast for June 23 comes after Brits have faced scorching heat in recent days.

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However, temperatures are expected to fall this weekend as a result of an influx of cooler Atlantic air.

The Midlands could see the mercury plunge to 15C in contrast to the highs of 29C yesterday.

Temperatures are predicted to drop across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the majority of England.

However, the south coast is expected to keep hold of the roasting weather with up to 30C forecast today.

The Met Office said: “Much of England and Wales cloudy and much cooler than Friday with bursts of rain in some places, though the far south brighter and still very warm.

“Windy across Scotland and Northern Ireland with sunny spells and a few showers.”

Outbreaks of rain are forecast overnight with some thunder in the South East.

On Sunday, rain is predicted for the southern parts and the north while other regions are expected to have sunny spells.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, the Met Office said: “Further outbreaks of showery rain are possible across southern England; much cooler than recently here.

“Light showers in the north mostly dying out to leave broken cloud and sunny spells.”



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