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UK hot weather forecast: Britain to be 'warmer than Barcelona' in surprise mini-heatwave

Temperatures in the UK are set to reach 18C on Thursday, inching ahead of the top predicted temperatures for the Spanish coastal hub. The UK will enjoy “sunny spells” after a warm Easter weekend, with temperatures in the high teens for most of the south and the west, the Met Office predicts.

Although the day will start cloudy, temperatures will build for a pleasant and warm afternoon.

The east of the UK will feel the hit of breezes coming in from the coast, but the day is expected to be bright for most parts.

Much of Thursday will see Barcelona residents and visitors dodging showers, with particularly heavy periods over lunchtime.

The day will start off at around 12C in the east of Spain, creeping up to 14C for the majority of the afternoon.

As the day wears on, top temperatures could reach 15C.

On Wednesday evening in the UK, the Met Office predicts fog and cloud covering much of the northeast coastlines, particularly for eastern Scotland.

Scattered showers will dissipate in the west, and across the UK temperatures will drop overnight.

But as the weekend approaches, showers creep back into the forecast and parts of the country will feel the chill.

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As for the temperatures in Barcelona on Friday, the dip on Thursday will not last, as they return to 19C on Friday.

The weekend in the Catalan capital will be pleasant with smatterings of rain, but temperatures will hover between 15 and 16C.

A similar picture emerges for London on Saturday, which will see the best of the temperatures.

Northwest England will reach 12C around Manchester, with slightly higher temperatures for Northern Ireland.

While the area around Belfast will touch 13C, Scotland will experience the coolest temperatures on Saturday.

Edinburgh will struggle to see double-digit temperatures, fairing slightly better on Sunday with 11C predicted.

London will see a decent 15C on Sunday, and 13C will be the maximum for the Midlands and the northwest of England.

South Wales will see the highest maximum temperatures at the end of the weekend, managing to reach 16C.



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