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UK long-range forecast: ‘Atlantic storms’ and ‘Icelandic fronts’ set to batter Britain

According to BBC weather, the temperatures across the UK will be more settled from late March. The weather forecast between March 21 and April 4 suggests: “Over the first week of this period, we expect high pressure across the north-east Atlantic that extends across western and central Europe at times.

“Low pressure is focused over Iceland and Scandinavia, driving occasional weather fronts across the UK. It will be slightly mild across all regions.

“Some wet and windy spells are likely across Scotland and Northern Ireland but the signs are not pointing towards any extremes. A more seasonal spring pattern is expected across England and Wales.

“By late March and into early April confidence is low due to poor performance of the models this far ahead.

“We think high pressure over western Europe extending across to eastern and south-east Europe is most likely.

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“This would maintain a slightly mild pattern across all regions, with near seasonal rainfall for all parts of the country but still a chance of some windier spells in the north.

“There are risks over the later part of the forecast. The models are struggling to position the main high pressure system.

“Should the high pressure occur over eastern Europe this would bring a wetter pattern across the country as the Atlantic storms would be more able to affect the UK. We estimate this risk at 30 percent”.

Looking at the current weekend ahead the Met Office has suggested an unsettling windy few days.

The department said that on Friday a weather front moves in from the west. This is a slow-moving feature bringing cloudy skies and blustery showers, which turn to more persistent rain as the front pivots and moves towards the northwest.

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The Met Office said: “We will see some drier, brighter weather for a time on Saturday, temperatures around average for the time of year at 10C to 12C, before another low-pressure system brings wind and runs overnight.

“There will be gales on the west coast for Sunday together with rain, which could be heavy, particularly in the west and southwest at times.

“Temperatures stay around average for the time of year. This low-pressure system eventually clears to the north on Monday.”

BBC weather forecaster Stav Danaos said that there will be sunshine especially across the east of England.

He said: “Cold, frosty start for Northern Ireland but bright with some sunshine.”



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