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UK snow: Bitter -7C cold snap to bring 8cm of snow as Met Office issues yellow warning

The yellow warning for ice became active at 8.00pm (BST) on Wednesday for areas in Scotland, the East Midlands, Northeast England and the Yorkshire and Humber area. The Met Office yellow alert warns of severe weather which could affect members of the public who should plan ahead for travel disruptions.

The Met Office forecast shows that the presence of snow and hail combined with freezing temperatures could create icy areas on roads and pavements that are untreated.

Areas that are higher up are also predicted to see snowfall which will further disrupt travel.

Weather mapper WXCharts shows that biting temperatures will bring up to eight centimetres of snow for areas of the UK on Friday.

The forecast indicates that there may be an increased risk of accident and injury while the warning is in place.

Temperatures in Scotland for Thursday are as low as -6C and are set to further drop by Friday morning to -7C in some areas.

North Wales can expect to feel the bite as temperatures on Thursday morning reach -5C while the rest of the UK ranges between -3C and 0C.

Temperatures during the day for England and Wales will reach highs of 5C while the majority of Scotland will peak around 2 or 3C.

Green Flag have issued advice and warnings to motorists over the warning that has been put in place.

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“Frozen windscreens are also prevalent during these times, and drivers are reminded that it is extremely important to properly clear the ice or frost from your car before hitting the road.

“Not only is clearing your car of ice an important safety check but it’s also a legal requirement.”

The wintry weather continues into the weekend with temperatures slowly picking up to 7 and 8C by Sunday for the majority of the UK.



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