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UK storm forecast: 'Electrically active' thunder and lightning blasts to rock Britain

A violent and stormy weather front is set to hit southern parts of the UK in a matter of hours, senior forecaster for NetWeather, Nick Finnis, has predicted. This is behind the cloud and more regular outbreaks of rain many are seeing in Britain. But the risk of thunderstorms builds with a plume of warm and moist air over France, he added, which will “creep” over the English Channel by this evening. Mr Finnis continued: “Some of these storms could creep into southern coastal counties of England tonight too, before the unstable plume and warm front across southern England begins to pull south, with cooler and more stable air flooding down from the north on Wednesday.”

The forecaster also spoke about the storms being “electrically active”, with frequent lightning possible. 

This will be coupled with heavy rain, however, which could cause flash flooding in some places.

Maps from interactive weather model WX Charts show thunderstorms crashing over the Channel from about 9pm. 

It also shows heavy rain blanketing the entire southern coast at the exact same time. 

Senior forecaster for British Weather Services, Jim Dale, told how the rest of this week’s weather will be sombre and uneventful.

He said: “This will be a very sedate week, quiet, mellow and uneventful. Some colder nights and some heavy dews lasting into the weekend and beyond.”

Mr Dale also cited a drop in temperatures, albeit being mostly in the early morning and late evenings, he added: “We will just have cold nights and early mornings, but nothing too critical.”

This forecast has also been echoed by the Met Office, who spoke about what to expect tonight: “Rain continuing in far south with some heavy bursts likely. Otherwise dry for many but still some light showers for northwestern parts. Another mild night in far south.”

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Speaking about the rest of September, the leading forecaster added: “A relatively settled period, high pressure largely dominating, giving generally settled conditions, cloudy but dry, with occasional sunny spells. Isolated showers are possible, with cloudiest conditions in the north and east, where there will be the greatest risk of showers.

“By the early part of next week, a band of rain edges into the far northwest initially spreading across northern parts, eventually trying to sink south.

“Winds generally light but fresh along the east coast, and in the far north.

“Temperatures rather cool initially, with a risk of some rural grass frosts in the north at times. Overnight mist and fog patches likely throughout, especially in the south, but these should clear quickly. This period is likely to end with high pressure breaking down, making way for more unsettled conditions.”



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