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UK storm forecast: Met Office predicts lightning and HAIL as hot weather ends in DAYS

That’s according to the Met Office which has warned of unsettled conditions on the horizon, with hail and heavy rain lashing many areas by Friday (June 24). The forecaster’s long range weather forecast says: “Generally unsettled start to the period with heavy showers and risk of hail and thunder likely across many areas, especially the south, and more prolonged rain possible in the northwest on Friday.” While there are no exact timings as yet, the outlook for this coming weekend is set to significantly improve for many.

It adds: “However, some warm spells of sunshine remain probable.

“Sunny spells and showers, the latter being most frequent in the north, will alternate over the weekend.

“It may be rather windy, especially in the north and west.

“Near normal or rather cool feeling temperatures are expected.”

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said the showers and storms will come after a pleasant week of warm temperatures.

He said: “It’s a temporary thing, and very warm as opposed to hot between Tuesday and Thursday.

“Peaking in the south east on Thursday, it will be 29C to 30C, however turning cool and showery thereafter. It’s swings and roundabouts.”

On the south east coastline temperatures are set to hover around 19C to 20C, whereas in north east Lincolnshire the mercury will be slightly warmer, in the early 20s, throughout this week.

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It says: “While Britain’s most damaging hail storms tend to occur during summer, these are relatively infrequent. In these situations, the hot land surface has enough energy to generate really tall shower clouds, and the tops of these clouds are high up enough (and therefore cold enough) to form the hailstones.

“Hail in summer is most common in inland parts of northern and eastern Britain, but much less frequent in those areas during spring.”

The cooler weather may be a welcome addition after a scorching couple of days on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18.

A sweltering 32.7C was reached in Santon Downham, Suffolk, last Friday, with Heathrow Airport following closely behind at 32.4C.



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