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UK storm horror: Tents sent flying 100m into air at festival by ‘savage mini tornado’

The Cornish music festival saw tents flying 100 meters into the air as campers blamed the dry, hard ground for their tent pegs not being effective enough. Videos were shared on social media of the mini tornado picking up the tents and leaving them and people’s belongings flying around the festival site.

One tent was seen flying high into the air and upon landing back down, hitting and wrapping itself around a surprised festivalgoer in what has been described as “savage” by people on Twitter.

Others attending the festival noted the extreme mixture of weather with the festivalgoers suffering extreme heat earlier in the day.

Twitter user @paolomc84 tweeted: “Finally got to see @wearepalace live but in crazy hot weather at Boardmasters. Worth the wait.”

Steven, a power line builder from Devon described the sudden change in weather while he and a friend were at the Cornish festival.

He said: “I am down here with a friend performing at the festival and saw it starting, with not many people around noticing.

“There was no wind at all, just very hot, and then you could see it building up and spiralling with dust.

“Then it started ripping tents up and headed towards the main arena.”

He added: “I’m not sure if there was any damage to the main tents but I saw at least ten tents ripped up and sent over 100 meters in the air.

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Another added that the tents were carried up into the air because campers will have struggled to secure their guide ropes in the dry, rock-hard ground.

They said: “Chances are tent pegs would not be working well because the ground was so hard and people gave up on putting out guy ropes for the same reason.

“The perfect storm.”



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