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UK storm warning: Atlantic jetstream to smash nation with heavy rain and gales – maps

Forecasters have warned an active jetstream could see the UK issued with weather warnings, as the weekend is set to bring hugely unsettled wet and windy conditions. The latest weather maps show that after a dry and warm Thursday, the start of the vastly unsettled conditions will hit on Friday before a huge low pressure pressure system moves in from Sunday.

According to WXCharts at 6pm on Saturday, a massive front of rain and wind begins to push northeast-wards into Britain and Ireland, soaking Devon and Cork with 5mm downpours.

By midnight, this low pressure system localises itself over Ireland, sending 2mm to 3mm showers overnight across Northern Ireland and some light rain over the south coast of England and Wales.

Gusts up to 89kmh (55mph) strike the west of Wales at 6am on Sunday due to the pressure system.

By 9am on Sunday, the pressure system centres over Belfast, bringing wind gusts up to 62kmh (38mph) in the area, as well as sending 2mm an hour rains to Cardiff and 3mm rains to the north east coast of England.

At 3pm, the pressure system clears Ireland but sends intermittent spells of rain into Scotland, with some showers also spotted in Suffolk, Manchester, Cornwall, and the Lake District.

At the same time, winds begin to ease in the south of Britain and Ireland, but hit 62kmh (38mph) along the west coast of Scotland and the north west of England.

Before the heavy low pressure, plumes of rain will begin to strike the UK from 6am on Friday from the southwest, with some showers lingering over Scotland.

While Scotland’s rainfall is expected to stay weak, at around 1mm an hour, what strikes Cornwall and the south welsh coast ranges between 2mm and 3mm.

By 3pm on Friday, competing high and low pressure systems send rainfall across most of England and Wales, with London seeing 3mm an hour, while Cardiff sees 4mm an hour.

Pushing northeastwards, the rains will be accompanied by gusts of wind up to 62kmh (38mph) across much of England and Wales, strengthening to 75kmh (47mph) in Northern Ireland and Aberdeen.

At the same time, from the northwest, a large plume of rain begins to move closer to Northern Ireland, sending shower spells eastwards over the country and into the North of Britain.

In the 24 hours up to midnight on Saturday, 21mm of rain will have fallen over Newquay, while the rest of the country sees between 5mm and 11mm fall over Friday.

Saturday sees clearer conditions for much of the country, with the heaviest rains at 6am seen in the Irish Sea between Belfast, Merseyside and, northern Wales and the southern towns of Scotland, with spells of 3mm an hour near Dumfries.

Snow will also feature at this time over the highest regions of Scotland and near Dublin.

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Met Office Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: “An energetic, mobile weather pattern is driving successive low-pressure systems across the Atlantic over the coming days.

“With high pressure to the east of the UK these systems stall and weaken as they reach us and bring spells of rain and wind together with milder air.

“At this time no National Severe Weather warnings have been issued, however, that situation may change over the coming days so keep an eye on the forecast for your area.”

The forecaster also noted “there will be gales on the west coast for Sunday together with rain, which could be heavy”, after Saturday sees “drier, brighter weather for a time”.

DON’T MISS forecaster Jo Farrow wrote for the agency’s website the weekend will suffer an “unsettled and windy spell”.

She said: “A low pressure will edge towards southern Ireland and throw patchy rain over SW Britain with a fresh to strong SE wind.

“The old frontal band will still be around with cloud and a little patchy rain for NE Britain.

“Friday becomes a blustery day as the cooler air is squeezed away to the NW. This air is mild but windy so temperatures will mostly be 10 to 12C.

“As the low centres over Northern Ireland by teatime, there will be strong winds for the east coast and through the North Channel.

“Two occluded frontal bands of cloud and rain will edge slowly eastwards over Britain with outbreaks of rain and more windy weather for the northern half of the UK.”

Jim Dale from the British Weather Services confirmed showers will be pouring down on the approach to the weekend.

He told “rain then showers on Friday and into the weekend”, and added that “some of it [will be] heavy in the west”.



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