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UK weather: Brits brace for mid-week washout as 29mm of rain forecast for Tuesday

Parts of the UK could experience some rain from Thursday to Sunday. However, much of the country could turn wet as we enter next week.

According to WXCHARTS, much of the UK could be showered with up to 29mm of rainfall on Tuesday evening.

The north west of England and west of Scotland look to be the worst affected by the showery spell.

However, parts of the Midlands and East Anglia look set to face lighter rainfall at the same time.

The wet conditions come after the rain appears to be moving up from the southwest and across the Irish Sea.

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Conditions look set to stay damp during the week, with WXCHARTS suggesting the whole of the UK could be covered in rainfall on May 20.

Despite rainy conditions, temperatures are not expected to dip below double-digits.

WXCHARTS’ forecast suggests Tuesday evening could be as warm as 23C in Kent.

Temperatures look set to cool slightly as Brits approach the weekend, with Friday hovering around 18C in the Garden of England.

“Over the weekend and the beginning of the following week the more unsettled weather may spread further east.

“Widely warm or very warm throughout, perhaps hot in the south and southeast earlier in the period.”



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