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UK weather: Brits brace for washout as Met Office issues yellow thunderstorm warning

The areas covered by the weather warnings are the East of England, London and South East London and Wales. The Met Office has warned that there is a chance that homes and businesses could flood quickly causing damage to buildings from water, lightning strikes or hail.

People have also been warned about the potential for power cuts to homes and businesses and disruption to travel, with train and bus service cancellations.

Flash flooding and spray could cause road closures and dangerous driving conditions for those driving.

The Met Office has issued advice for dealing with the conditions, including choosing to drive on main roads where fallen debris is less likely, using dipped headlights, and watching for gaps between trees, buildings, and bridges where the wind can suddenly gust your car sideways.

Meanwhile, a flood warning has been put in place for Swan Brook at Swanage since 2.54am, which states that flooding is expected and immediate action is required.

Due to heavy rainfall from the thunderstorms, river levels have risen rapidly, and the Met Office has warned that property flooding is imminent.

England’s Environment Agency said: “We believe there is a possibility of flooding for Victoria Ave, Kings Rd, Chestnut Mew, Church Hill, Springfield Rd, Cornwall Rd, Commercial Rd, Station Rd, Institute Rd, The Square, Shore Rd, High St, and Parade in Swanage.”

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River levels in the region are expected to rise throughout the early hours of the morning and the water levels will remain high until Monday evening.

Residents have been advised to avoid low-lying footpaths near bodies of water and to plan driving routes that avoid low-lying roads.

WXCHARTS shows scattered showers for Monday before the rain clears away for high temperatures up to 20C in the South East of England with cooler temperatures in the north of around 10C.

Tuesday will see soaring temperatures in the South of England, with average temperatures around 19C with highs of up to 22C.



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