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UK weather: ‘Chilly’ Arctic blast with lows of -5C causes concern for frost and fog

This cold front replaces the anticyclone and will replace much of the fog which is expected over England on Tuesday morning.

The Met Office has issued a yellow fog warning until noon on Tuesday, covering an area of England from Dorset to Humberside as well as the Welsh borders.

The Fog has the potential to slow morning commutes so more time should be allocated for driving and frost scrapping if applicable.

Jim Andrews, a Meteorologist from Accuweather, explained the weather pattern that would result in the cold spell.

He told “Daytime temperature will hold about 2-4C below normal on the chilliest day — mostly likely on Friday.

“Likewise, the coldest night is likely to be that on Friday, when lows to -5C can be reached in normally colder parts of England.

“By Thursday, a new, strong anticyclone will build eastward to Ireland and Great Britain, thereby setting up a pattern of mainly dry weather that will last through at least Sunday.”

On Tuesday afternoon it will be 6C in London, 4C in Manchester, 6C in Edinburgh and 7C in Belfast according to BBC weather. 

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