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UK weather: Flood warnings in place as heavy rains and storms batter the country

In England, a flood alert is in place for the Tidal Thames Riverside from Putney Bridge to Teddington Weir, with river levels expected to be high as a result of spring tides.

In Scotland, a flood warning has been issued for Churchill Barriers, with a combination of high tides and a strong wind leading to a high risk of wave topping and hazardous conditions.

Road closures in the area are likely around high tide.

Later in the week the UK looks set to be divided along weather lines as the south continues to enjoy the summer sunshine while the north battles heavy downpours and chillier temperatures.

This week’s heatwave will come to an abrupt end over the weekend as storms and heavy rains set in, however, by the beginning of next week warm temperatures and sun will return to the south of the country.

However, in the north showers look to be more prevalent with a northwesterly wind bringing the temperature down to below normal for the time of year.

According to the Met Office, the weekend will be: “Cloudy central parts with outbreaks of rain, turning increasingly heavy with a risk of thunder.

“Likely remaining dry and hot far south with some sun. Sunshine and showers northwest.”

Rain looks likely across the country for Sunday, but by Monday and Tuesday the south is forecast to stay dry while showers spread to the north west.

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“Into the weekend, the most probable scenario is for clear and sunny spells with occasional showers.

“Showers will perhaps be most prevalent in the north and west initially, then in the north and east later, and could be locally heavy.

“Temperatures close to or slightly below normal under a north- to north westerly breeze.”



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