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UK weather: Fog and low visibility to cause travel chaos as mercury plunges to -4C

According to the weather experts, the most notable weather this week will be the fog and low clouds. Alyssa Smithmyer, a meteorologist with told “On Friday, patches of fog are expected to become more widespread across Northern Ireland, Wales, western Scotland and western England.

“Drivers on British roadways should leave plenty of time to reach their destinations, particularly during the early morning hours.

“Visibility will be low during this time and that may cause travel disruptions for a period of time.

“Commuters are also advised to leave adequate room between vehicles due to the reduced visibility.”

The Met Office says that while temperatures have plummeted, it will be dry and sunny Thursday morning.

It tweeted: “Cold, dry and sunny for many on Thursday morning, with a frost for many rural areas and a few showers along the east coast.”

However, wintry showers will become largely confined to North Sea coasts.

On Thursday, there will be a slight uptick in winds along the eastern UK coastlines and the North Sea as a result of the area of low pressure to the south of Finland.

Meteorologists said that wind gusts can perhaps range from 15-25 mph (13-22 knots) through Thursday evening.

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The department’s forecast for the weekend says: “A bright frosty start Friday for many. Increasing cloud for the weekend but remaining dry for most.

“Some patchy fog and frost. Milder and windier across the north.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Ms Smithmyer said: “On Friday and Saturday, temperatures across the UK are expected to range mainly in the 30s F overnight (0-4C) and allow for frosty conditions during the morning.

“Regions along the western coastlines can expect to range a few degrees warmer, reaching the lower 40s F (4-6C) across some areas overnight. The lowest temperatures overnight for both Friday and Saturday are expected to be across south-central England, where temperatures can generally range from 30-34 F (-1 to 1C).

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“Similarly, the higher elevations of the Scottish Highlands are also expected to experience temperatures ranging around 28-32F (-2 to 0C) during this period, although these temperatures will not cover a large area.”



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