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UK weather forecast: Britain to be hotter than GREECE as 18 degree rays blast nation- maps

While tomorrow, Wednesday, is forecast to be a little wet, weather will improve as the week goes on and into the weekend. Warmer temperatures will continue into the following weekend, according to reports, with Britain looking likely to fair better than other countries in Europe.

Tomorrow will be the “wettest day of the week”, according to the latest BBC Weather for the Week Ahead programme.

But even the rain seen then will be “nothing major”, reports Jim Dale from the British Weather Services.

This will not, the BBC confirmed, be a “washout”.

Temperatures, at this early stage of the week, are expected to drop – to as low as one degree in Stornoway, Scotland.

Mr Dale told Express.co.uk: “High pressure is returning thereafter but [there will be] brisk winds Scotland-way for a time on Thursday.”

Other than this, the weather is looking up.

The BBC talks of “promising” weather across the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Temperatures will be in their mid-teens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Back to this week, Mr Dale said: “Universally dry and sunny to fair for the weekend.

“Next rain [will be on] Tuesday from the south – warming with it in the south.”

Meanwhile, eastern Spain and later southern France will be bearing the brunt of the rain, he added.

Mr Dale said Britain will, at most, suffer “some minor frost and not overly warm” temperatures.

There are currently no weather warnings from the Met Office either for the week or the weekend.

It appears this is unlikely to change.



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