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UK weather forecast: SUB-ZERO 'Arctic' chill and frost to sweep Britain as warm spell ENDS

Britons have enjoyed warm temperatures this week and largely dry conditions. But the weather is expected to take a turn into next week, with some showers and cloudy skies on the approach.

Before then, today, on April 24, it will largely be dry with some sunny spells across the country.

Forecasts see cooler temperatures on the eastern coast, as low as 11 degrees Celsius.

This will be set alongside highs in 18 degrees inland, including in London.

On Monday, however, a change will set in, with some showers predicted, including “quite heavy” bursts, according to the BBC.

Commenting on the outlook, BBC meteorologist Susan Powell said: “Through the early part of the week, we tap into some Arctic air.

“Our daytime temperatures will come down a few degrees on the highs we have seen.”

This, she added, would be matched later in the week by a “few pockets of overnight frost”.

Thick clouds will also start moving down across parts of Scotland.

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And weather charts from show a bone-chilling front sweeping the nation from Wednesday, April 27, with the mercury plunging as low as -1C at 6am in parts of Northern England, North Wales and north east Scotland.

Jim Dale from the British Weather Services said cooler weather will, however, coincide with plenty of dry conditions, despite some rain.

He told “[Early next week, there will be] cool days – cold mornings with some patchy frost but plenty of dry.

“Sunshine will be increasingly hard to find.

“May dawning anything but summer-like and there is possible snow in the far north in early May.”

Mr Dale added conditions will start “turning more changeable/wetter with time”.

As next week progresses, western areas are likely to be the warmest, according to forecasts.

Cloud will, however, cover large parts of the UK.



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