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UK weather: ‘Sunniest weekend of the year’ to fade as snow may return in bitter cold snap

He said: “It may well be the shortest weekend of the year, because the clocks go forward, but it will be one of the sunniest.

“It’s going to be blue skies almost across the board on both Saturday and Sunday thanks to a chunky area of high pressure that’s just wobbling around across the UK.”

Mr Deakin did admit that there might be some mist and fog on Saturday but that it would turn into a “fine spring day”.

He said: “A bit of a breeze blowing across southern England but not as windy as last weekend.

“And temperatures responding to the sunshine, getting up – just like they have done all week – into the mid or even high teens in places.”

The clocks go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday and Mr Deakin added that the switch to British Summer Time will be met with “plenty of sunshine”.

He said: “For most places it’s another fine day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures again widely 15 to 18C, maybe 19 or 20 in one or two locations.”

However, the forecast is likely to change for the worse by Tuesday with a cold air mass expected to bring lower temperatures and wet conditions by the middle of next week. 

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“With the influence of some unsettled weather, we’ll be seeing a marked drop in temperatures for most with colder air arriving from the North.

“This will see maximum temperatures drop into single figures for many areas, and below freezing overnight.”



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