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Ukraine LIVE: ‘Our task is to finish Putin’ Russian exile vows death of hated dictator

The Armed Forces of Ukraine claims to have eliminated around 45,700 Russian soldiers since the invasion began on February 24. 

Other Russian losses include: 

1,924 Tanks (+3 over the past day),

4,243 Armored fighting vehicles (+5)

1,036 Artillery systems (+3)

266 Multiple launch rocket systems (+0)

147 Anti-aircraft warfare systems (+1)

234 Aircraft (+0)

199 Helicopters (+1)

3,160 Motor vehicles and fuel tanks (+10)

15 Warships/boats (+0)

819 Unmanned aerial vehicles (+2)

99 Special equipment units (+0)

196 Russian cruise missiles (+0) were shot down

In the past 24 hours, Russian forces have suffered the most severe losses in the Donetsk direction. 

Troop loss estimates differ between sources because the hostilities of war make it challenging to monitor. 



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