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Ukrainian navy obliterates Russian equipment left on Snake island – VIDEO

Ukrainian forces were able to snatch Snake Island back from the Kremlin’s grasp following a campaign of sustained attacks on the Russian forces stationed in the area. Zmiinyi Island, more commonly known as Snake Island, was captured by Vladimir Putin’s military in the early days of the war after the area was surrounded and attacked by Russian navy warships. The Ukrainian military bombarded the Russian-occupied island with a series of continued attacks, destroying a huge amount of Moscow’s military equipment and eventually forcing the Russian soldiers to withdraw from the territory on Thursday. New video footage from Ukraine has provided insight into President Zelensky’s campaign to push Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory as Kremlin supplies on Snake Island are shown to be obliterated in a calculated missile strike.

In the video clip, a Russian military vehicle is shown stationed on a jetty as a drone moves in from above, identifying the vehicle as a target.

Seconds later, there is a huge explosion as the military supplies erupt into a fiery blaze and a series of several additional explosions follow.

Aerial footage shows the fire continuing to burn, with smoke billowing high into the sky, as the drone steadily retreats.

Before the aircraft is out of range, a second huge explosion rips through the jetty, scattering debris into the surrounding sea.

The weapon used in the attack has been identified as a Bayraktar TB2, a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned combat vehicle.

The Turkish-made system is capable of autonomous flight, but can also be controlled by ground units who are able to identify and attack desired targets 

The Ukrainian military explained they were forced to take action after Russian soldiers abandoned their equipment on Snake Island as part of the panicked evacuation.

Speaking on the Telegram messaging platform, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said the strike in the video showed Ukrainian efforts to destroy traces of Russian occupation.

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