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Use Android? Google might announce huge changes coming to your phone TODAY

Google’s yearly I/O Developers Conference gets underway later today and although that may sound as boring as watching paint dry there could be plenty of announcements that should be exciting if you have an Android phone in your pocket. Google almost always uses this event to reveal the next generation of upgrades that will be coming to its popular operating system and it’s highly likely all will be revealed about what the tech firm has planned for later this year.

Android 13 has already been released to developers via early beta software but there’s still lots we don’t know about this upgrade and plenty for Google to confirm.

It’s thought this year’s OS could be more about refining the whole Android experience rather than headline-grabbing new features but we should get to know more when the team take to the stage in California from 6pm BST.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Android 13 will include but I/O isn’t just about software.

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Google sometimes throws in a few surprises with fans treated to a glimpse of upcoming hardware.

One device that’s been rumoured is the long-awaited Pixel Watch which could be shown on stage during the keynote.

In recent weeks there have been plenty of leaks revealing how this new wearable could look and it will be interesting to see if Google unveils all this week or waits until it unleashes its new flagship Pixel 7 phones in the autumn.

Talking of phones, another rumour doing the rounds is that Google could lift the lid on a new budget device called the Pixel 6a.

Some tech experts are suggesting that this cheaper call maker has already gone into production and could make its first appearance during I/O.

Just like the more premium Pixel 6, it’s thought that the 6a will be powered by a Google processor and feature the unique camera bar design. It could also arrive with a 6.2-inch OLED screen and cost around £400.

Along with that phone and watch, we might also get a glimpse of new wireless earbuds, an upgrade to the Google Home smart speaker and updated smart thermostats. There’s even a slim chance that the US tech giant will give everyone a sneak peek at its rumoured foldable phone which looks set to take aim at rival devices from the likes of Samsung.

Things kick off at 6pm BST and will bring you all the news live as it happens.



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