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Use ‘effective’ 55p method to get ‘completely streak-free’ windows with ‘ease’

The process of cleaning windows may seem simple – but often – it is harder than expected to achieve a streak-free finish. However, the secret to a spotless result may come in the shape of a domestic essential that may be hiding in your cupboard already: baking soda. For those wondering how to clean a window effectively, these cleaning tips are entirely expert approved. And it’s easy to see what makes them so popular amongst those in the know. Here’s what the process involves.

Britons are growing increasingly conscious about avoiding toxic window treatment chemicals that may be harming our windows and the planet in the long term. 

However, baking soda is a natural and convenient solution that offers an expert shine in four steps.

The first step is to sprinkle baking soda on a cloth.

Baking soda can be picked up from Asda for as little as 55p.

Alicia Johnson, a cleaning expert from Cleaning Green LLC begins by adding a small amount of baking soda on a cleaning cloth. 

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For this, Alicia suggests filling a small container with lukewarm water and using another cloth to remove the soda from the surface. 

She explained: “Again, you don’t need to be aggressive with the cleaning. 

“Always use a soft touch and make sure you follow a single cleaning pattern, rather than mixing it up.”

While not essential, homeowners can add white vinegar to the baking soda to make the cleaning product more powerful.

Experts love cleaning with vinegar and its power stretches to your windows too. 

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While this step is optional (as your windows may already be clean to your liking), it may be a good idea to repeat the process with added vinegar. 

Alicia said: “To ensure even better results of your cleaning session, you can add vinegar to the mix.

“Begin by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water inside a spray bottle. 

“Apply some of the mixture on your window before wiping the solution with a dry cloth or paper towels.”

She adds that you should use the same cleaning pattern for this step as well. 

If you want to ensure a spotless finish, Alicia recommends buffing your window once it has dried, using a dry, soft, chamois cloth or clean chalkboard eraser.

She said: “Buffing the windows gives them that fantastic glow, while ensuring that the glass is completely streak-free.”

The trick behind a perfect finish is in the baking soda – but it is also in the cloth you use. 

Microfibre cleaning cloths are loved by experts for their soft but powerful abilities that will cut through dirt but leave your glass untainted. 

However, it is always a good idea to buff your windows with a chamois cloth or fresh chalkboard eraser to guarantee sparkling results. 



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