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‘Utter madness!’ Road users rage at moves to legalise e-scooters in the UK

Motorists have reacted with fury toward plans that would see electric scooters legalised in the UK. The intentions were noted within updates to a transport bill delivered by Prince Charles yesterday standing in for the Queen.

The scooters have been illegal to own and use until this point, except for in closely monitored trials in some areas.

Since they began to emerge in the past couple of years, accidents involving e-scooters have rocketed, with 82 percent more ambulances called to assist e-scooter related accidents during 2021 than 2020.

Some 713 e-scooter related accidents were attended by NHS ambulance vehicles during 2021, which is a huge leap from the previous year’s figure of 392.

Elsewhere, Major Trauma Group data also revealed that the number of e-scooter accident patients being referred to A&E increased by 40 percent between 2020 and 2021, with 173 patients treated at the scene of an accident being taken to their local A&E facility during 2021 compared with just 124 during 2020.

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And those concerns were mirrored by readers of who are angry at the move.

Site user ‘Limey57’ wrote: “Since they are removing the right of the poor to have a motor vehicle, yes micro personal transport has its place.

“BUT there must be regulation, helmets must be worn, perhaps a simple highway code test.

“Plus regulating speed, the big headache, perhaps making all conforming scooters in one colour or scheme.

“Most run on a chip that could be changed to go faster, real regulation/hardware to prevent scooters doing 40 mph. Use on pavements should be banned for scooters and bikes, heavy fines for those who break them. Our Police are a joke and simply won’t enforce abuses, so regulations could be enforced through councils if they are incentivised!”


‘Twin12’ claimed: “This decision to legalise e-scooters is astonishing!

“It is utter madness. The government has fallen for the lobbying of business men who see a fast buck to be made importing them from China and selling them!”

And ‘roadrunnerj’ added: “They slash public transport this government and its pushed up the prices up it’s getting ridiculous expensive travelling to work.”

‘RichT’ advised: “If they want to legalise scooters, they need to be verified as roadworthy with an MOT annually, have a maximum speed as electric bikes have. To be registered, even drones need to be registered. All those that use the road need INSURANCE, it’s common sense. Age restriction of 16, compulsory training, with a test to be passed and a license issued.”

However e-scooters did find some support in the comments, with ‘jmdnnlln’ writing: “Here we go, queue the moaners who seem to just gripe about anything because they have a phobia on change.

“ELECTRIC SCOOTERS have a place in society regardless of the media portrayal and constant negativity.

“Only yesterday I witnessed on two occasions youngsters riding their e-scooters along the road in what seemed a NATURAL and responsible way. (even though they’re not supposed to) YES accidents are going to happen, people will be killed because ACCIDENTS HAPPEN EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. and because there are more scooters on the road today LOGICALLY the accident rate will raise.

“HARDLY rocket science is it? This constant griping happened with CB radios, satellite dishes, skate boards, and drones. and yet the world hasn’t ended yet has it. Do they need regulating YES, but banning them is just ridiculous.”



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