Viewers applaud Richard Osman’s game show for appearing to troll Priti Patel: ‘Writers trying to tell us something’

In the festive special episode of the game show, which aired last night (28 December) on BBC One, the writers appear to make a subtle jibe about the Conservative MP.

Guests Craig Revel Horwood, Charlene White, Sarah Hadland and Alex Horne were put to the test in a series of quiz rounds selected by host Osman.

In the rhyming segment of the quiz titled “Rhyme Time”, Osman asked his contestants to name the famous face on the screen and identify the title of the song, played overhead, that rhymed with the name.

The picture on the screen was a photograph of Patel while the song playing overhead was AC/DC’s recognisable hit “Highway To Hell”.

<p>Contestants on Osmond’s House of Games Night</p>

Contestants on Osmond’s House of Games Night

(BBC One)

Horne was the first to hit his buzzer and give the correct answers.

Although neither the celebrities nor Osmond commented on the potentially intentional pairing of Patel with the track, viewers at home were quick to notice and commend the show for it on Twitter.

One user wrote: “Brilliant pairing on House of Games. Priti Patel and ‘Highway to Hell’!! Writers trying to tell us something.”

Another said: “Well done to the House of Games question writers who in the ‘Rhyme Time’ round coupled Priti Patel with ‘Highway to Hell’.”

Many echoed the same sentiment, writing: “Kudos to House of Games getting a rhyming answer of Priti Patel / ‘Highway to Hell’ in.”

One user shared a photo of the two answers side-by-side, accompanied with the caption: “The Tory party’s new leader and manifesto for 2021 in one simple graphic.”

House of Games showing us where the Home Secretary will lead us,” added a third viewer. 

Another simply stated: “#HouseofGames firm but fair.”

The home secretary has accrued many critics for her hard-line on immigration and anti-migrant rhetoric.

The home secretary issued an apology in response to the inquiry’s findings, however, the carefully worded statement did not admit to any wrongdoing.

“I am sorry that my behaviour in the past has upset people. It has never been my intention to cause upset to anyone,” said Patel.

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