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Vladimir Putin turns on ‘misleading’ military leaders after catastrophic Ukraine failings

Russian forces have been plagued by low morale, poor military strategy and revelations from unprofessional conscripts who were forced to fight Ukraine. Despite the Russian President formerly stating the use of just “professional servicemen” in the conflict, he could no longer deny the use of untrained young conscripts after the Russian defence ministry “uncovered several instances of the presence of conscripts”.

On Wednesday, declassified US intelligence reports revealed that President Putin feels as though he has been “misled” by his own military commanders after failing to give an accurate report of the Ukraine invasion.

A US official said Putin “didn’t even know his military was using and losing conscripts” and therefore shows “a clear breakdown in the flow of accurate information.”

Escalating tensions between Putin and his military and spy chiefs are thought to have reached breaking point after the news of Russia’s failings during the conflict.

These shortcomings include the deaths of seven Russian generals, some of whom died at the hands of their own troops.

Russia is thought to have sacked eight generals in retaliation for the embarrassment that has been caused.

Army Commander General Vlaislav Yershov from the 6th Combined Arms Army was sacked by Putin after his unit suffered huge losses and strategic failures.

Colonel General Sergei Beseda, head of the foreign intelligence branch of the FSB has also reportedly been sacked and put under house arrest.

The Colonel and his deputy were both detained on the grounds of providing false information about the conflict and for being under suspicion of corruption, though this has not been confirmed by the FSB.

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The men are in the back of the vehicle holding their rifles which they claimed, “are from the 1940s” and “don’t f*ing fire!”

The soldiers furiously declared their leaders are “throwing us directly into the s**t…They’re sending us with rifles against GRADS, artillery, mortar shells.”

Reports from GCHQ boss Sir Jeremy Fleming have also emerged stating that Russian forces have accidentally shot down their own plane.



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