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War is raging! Fury erupts as Labour ‘whinge’ over partygate scandal ’pathetic nonsense’

Fury spread as Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer demanded Prime Minister Boris Johnson resign following the Metropolitan Police issuing a series of fines over gatherings at Downing Street during lockdown. Upon calling for the PM to quit, the leader of the opposition was met with a volley of jeers in Westminster – and these have been echoed by Express.co.uk readers.

Many angry readers pointed out the fact war is raging on the doorstep of Europe, and now is not the time to seek political pandemonium in the UK.

Covkid15 said: “War rages in Ukraine, Russia nuclear weapons threat and Mr Hindsight bangs on about office workers in the Downing street office garden having a sip of their own beer, two years ago.

“Pathetic nonsense,”

Matticulous thought the whole saga was ridiculous.

He said: “Can’t believe that even as a war rages in Europe, some people are still whinging about cheese and wine in a Downing street garden.

“Just shows how ludicrous our society has become.

“President Zelensky is begging for help in defending Ukraine from a Russian invasion.

“Boris and the Government are helping.

“But, but… parties! Ridiculous.”

Teuchtar1 said: “I cannot believe despite the human tragedy which is going on in Ukraine we still have Starmer and his misfits going on about some individuals having cake and wine.

“Frankly like many people I now do not care it happened…so let’s move on.

“Likewise to constantly shout resign shows no matter what is happening the Labour Party will always play politics as they will never likely be in a position to do any harm to the country. [sic]”

Boris’ bid to send Land Rovers as Russia bombs Red Cross base

Taking aim at the leader of the opposition, Proudscot said: “Starmer really is a weak man.

“He is reduced to personal insults and street language.

“The man is surrounded by nonentities on his benches and they are embarrassing Labour is becoming the ugly party [sic].”

Should Britain simply forget the Party-Gate affair? Has the war in Ukraine provided Boris Johnson with a distraction? Is Sir Keir right – should the PM resign? Let us know what you think by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in the comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Ending the debate, one reader summarised many other comments by saying it is time to move on.

Steve78 said: “Will somebody tell Starmer, Raynor and Ed Davey nobody cares about a bit of cake and champagne during a few working get-togethers and how ridiculous they look and sound by keeping going on and on about it.

“Far more serious issues are with us.”

The Metropolitan Police have not disclosed to whom the fines were issued.



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