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Warning as Breeders creating 'Frankenstein' cross-breed puppies in back street clinics

Dog fertility clinics are now a booming industry in the UK, according to the Naturewatch charity. The increase in dog fertility clinics has prompted a worrying wave of “Frankenstein puppies”. The amount of clinics has increased from 37 before the first lockdown to more than 300.

Breeders are prepared to break the law and risk dogs’ health by artificially inseminating them to exploit the pandemic boom in demand for puppies.

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror discovered a 10-fold increase in dog fertility clinics in the past two years.

Some of the clinics were in kitchens, others were in the back rooms of shops.

The investigation found advertisements for a handful of clinics offering an artificial insemination procedure for about £350.

Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, only qualified vets can legally perform transcervical insemination (TCI).

In this procedure, sperm is injected into the uterus of a female dog using a catheter.

However, the procedure needs specialist equipment and can cause potentially cause deadly injury and infection if botched.

A representative from Naturewatch, Natalie Harney, spoke to the Sunday Mirror. She said: “This is heartbreaking.

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“They are then creating what we would call these Frankensteindogs which are destined to have skin issues, these really flat faces, bulging eyes and stubby legs.”

RSPCA chief vet Caroline Allen said: “Some of the breeding we are seeing at the moment is horrendous.

“There are types of bulldogs who can’t breathe, sleep or exercise properly.

“These people want to bypass vets because they don’t care about animal welfare.

“They are treating dogs as commodities, just things which will produce money.”

Most dog fertility clinics in England are run by breeders, not qualified vets, and are unregulated.

Ms Allen added: “They have come about off the back of irresponsible breeding of dogs for appearance, not health.

“Where the real health risk comes from is getting dogs who shouldn’t be bred to breed.

“If you are inserting something into the body of an animal, you need to have the right equipment and know what you’re doing.”

The “back street” clinics breed dogs that are usually unable to reproduce naturally.

These dogs are mated in a lab using artificial insemination to create freakish-looking pups.

One clinic produces hairless bulldogs which sell for up to £40,000.

These dogs are believed to be a cross between French bulldogs, pugs and Chinese crested dogs.



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