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'Was hardly bunga bunga, Boris was there for 10 mins!' Ferrari calls for reality check

Boris Johnson looked set to avoid an initial fallout from becoming the first prime minister to be hit with criminal sanctions while in office over a birthday bash held for him in Downing Street against Covid rules. The Prime Minister, his wife and the Chancellor all apologised on Tuesday and confirmed they had paid fines imposed by the Metropolitan Police over a party held on June 19 2020 to mark Mr Johnson’s 56th birthday. Reacting to the news, Mr Ferrari said: “Let’s get one thing straight, if you are unable to say goodbye to your wife, your grandma, your loved one when it is now revealed that the Prime Minister was involved in a modest party then that is clearly unforgivable.

“If you have a personal investment in this then horrific, unjustifiable. I get it.

“They made the the rules and they did not abide by the rules. Unquestionably wrong.

“But this was hardly a Berlusconi bunga bunga party, was it? In all honesty.

“It is reported it lasted nine minutes with the birthday cake not actually touched.

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“One plastic pot of salad, a plate of sausage rolls, a tub of chocolate mini bites and four cans of warm unopened lager.

“The Prime Minister was there for less than 10 minutes on his birthday months after the man nearly died.

“Isn’t it now time for a reality check, there are quite a few things going on.

“What’s the saying from World War Two, don’t you know there is a war on.”

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