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‘Waste of money' Brutal London TripAdvisor reviews – Buckingham Palace branded 'basic'

Built in 1703, the iconic royal residence houses the Queen for a majority of the year. On the review website TripAdvisor, Buckingham Palace sits with a 4.5 rating out of 5 after 29,284 votes, and is ranked 19th out of the 2,423 “things to do in London”.

However, while the Palace is well regarded by most who visit, 281 reviews branded their time at the iconic building ”terrible”.

One Kent based reviewer described the Buckingham Palace visit as “basic” before hinting that her cup of tea was overpriced.

She said: “Very basic walk around the roped off lawn area….disappointing…took us 20 minutes to walk around the ropes off lawn area…£3.50 for a cup of tea….”

Another disappointed customer blasted the visit and said: “This should be a zero rating.

“It cost £16.50 just to walk around the lawn. Most of the garden is cordoned off and I would say the garden is shabby at best.

“They suggest you spend two or three hours there. You won’t be there that long because it’s boring, unless you picnic on the lawn. The Queen is definitely not a gardener.”

More reviewers said visiting the Palace was a “waste of money”, and fumed about the cost of snacks and tours.

One said: “Waste of money, most of the garden roped off, extra to see the rose garden. I would not recommend this experience, more time is spent in the que getting through security!”

However, 15,770 reviews described visiting Buckingham Palace as “excellent”.

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Other brutal reviews of iconic London landmarks include Big Ben, where people moaned the clock tower is “just a clock” that’s “not very big”.

While Big Ben enjoys a 4.5 star ranking after 31,777 reviews, placing 57th on TripAdvisor’s “Things to Do in London”, 760 described the tower as “terrible”.

One said: “Long John would of been a better name, as it’s very long as I couldn’t see the clock without my specs.”

Another person said: “Lovely clock but I fell into the river when I was looking at the tower and I fell over the side into the freezing cold themes.”

The Shard, ranked 20th on TripAdvisor’s “Things to Do in London” with 18,858 reviews, saw 402 “terrible reviews” from critics.

One said: “Spent what felt like the whole time queuing. Huge waits at the bar for the cocktail and far too many people inside at once, constantly having to move out the way for staff rushing through with drink trays.

“The view is fantastic once you eventually get the chance to enjoy it – a shame the overall experience wasn’t what I expected for the ticket price.”

Another said: “When we finally got to the top it was quite busy and whilst the views were fantastic it was extremely awkward trying to enjoy them whilst looking over people sat at tables that are positioned against every window.”



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