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WATCH moment Ukraine takes down Russian helicopter with precision missile

Footage has been circulating online of a Russian military helicopter being shot down by Ukrainian forces has been circulating the net. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been sending Russian troops which had been amassed for a number of weeks on the Ukrainian border, into Ukraine. As both military forces enter their second week of the conflict, global political leaders have been watching on and trying to de-escalate the situation by slowing Putin’s assault with imposed sanctions. The latest violent video to come out of the war was shared by Ukraine’s Defence Ministry and has been gaining much international attention due to the international support of Ukraine.

The video shows a Russian military helicopter flying reasonably low above the Ukrainian countryside.

Ukrainian troops and volunteers have been working hard to push back the advancement of Russian troops in major cities like Kyiv and Zhytomyr.

Many Ukrainian troops have been fighting hard, and many are prepared to fight to the death to save their country from falling to the Russian dictatorship.

The video shows the helicopter being swiftly shot down by a Ukrainian fired missile.

The helicopter can be seen to explode on impact, then quickly crash and drop to the ground.

On impact, you can see the destruction of the helicopter as it becomes engulfed by a blazing fire and balls of grey, thick hot smoke.

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It seems like for one of the first times in history, the war between Ukraine and Russia has become a social media one.

Many videos of troops fighting in active combat have been shared on platforms like Twitter where censorship of the gory reality is not as monitored as it is on other platforms.

Both sides have been using social media to show their troop’s efforts and to show off their strength to their armies.

If it’s not videos of active combat, it’s videos of citizens denouncing the Russian regime in the forms of protests and political activism.

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Many calls have been coming in from Ukrainians and Ukrainian politicians for the implementation of a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

But many people do not understand what the implementation of a no-fly zone would mean.

A no-fly zone would mean NATO troops would have to guard the skies over Ukraine by shooting down Russian enemy aircraft.

With the threat of nuclear warfare coming from Putin himself, it would not be a wise idea for Western troops to start killing Russian servicemen as there is a high chance that Russia will start world war three in retaliation.

It also could possibly mean that the world could also see Western countries fighting their own battles with Russia on their own home soil.

Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg said: “We understand the desperation but we also believe that if we did that (establishing a no-fly zone) we would end up with something that could lead to a full-fledged war in Europe, involving much more countries.

“At the same time, we have a responsibility as NATO allies to prevent this war from escalating beyond Ukraine because that would be even more dangerous, more devastating and would cause even more human suffering.

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“The reckless actions around the nuclear power plant last night just highlights the dangers of this war.

“War is dangerous and to have military operations conflict fighting going around the nuclear power plant adds to the danger.”

Exclusively speaking to the Express, William Clouston, leader of the SDP said: “It’s understandable that President Zelensky should ask for a NATO-enforced no-fly zone (NFZ). He is, after all, involved in a national war of survival.

“But a NFZ would be a very foolish move.

“It would widen and escalate the war, it would probably breach NATO’s defensive mandate and, most importantly, it would increase the prospect of nuclear conflict.”

Mr Clouston added: “Putin’s action against Ukraine is appalling but western leaders must avoid escalation and conflagration.”



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