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'We embark on an adventure' Queen issues show-stealing message at Commonwealth Games

Her Majesty described the work of those who have ensured the success of the sporting event as “an inspiration to us all”. The Queen added that it was her “greatest pleasure” to declare the Games open.

Prince Charles, accompanied by his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrived at the event’s opening ceremony this evening in an Aston Martin.

Seventy-two other cars, all either red, white or blue, also drove into the ceremony and took the formation of the Union Flag.

The Queen was unable to attend the event herself.

But she prepared a speech, which was read at the ceremony, held at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, by her son, the Prince of Wales.

The Queen’s message read: “On October 7 last year, this specially created Baton left Buckingham Palace to travel across the Commonwealth. Over the past 294 days, it has carried not only my message to you, but also the shared hopes and dreams of each nation and territory through which it passed, as it made its way to Birmingham.

“Over the years, the coming together of so many for the ‘Friendly Games’ has created memorable shared experiences, established long standing relationships, and even created some friendly rivalries!

“But above all they remind us of our connection with one another, wherever we may be in the world, as part of the Commonwealth family of nations.

“Tonight, in the words of the founder of the Games, we embark once again on a novel adventure here in Birmingham, a pioneering city which has drawn in and embraced so many throughout its history.

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“It now gives me the greatest pleasure to declare the 22nd Commonwealth Games open.”

More to follow.



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