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‘We ignored Hitler and Sudetenland!’ Davis warns China can’t get its own way in Taiwan

Conservative heavyweight and former Brexit Minister Davis Davis warned the West must react to Chinese escalation in Taiwan after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the sovereign country. Her visit has sparked fury among Chinese officials who said the US “violated China’s sovereignty” with Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Upping the ante in Taiwan, Chinese military are about to conduct live-fire exercises surrounding Taiwan between Thursday and Sunday. 

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Davis warned: “For the 1930s, we turned a blind eye to all sort of actions – Sudetenland and so on by Hitler.

“And if we do that with China, they will keep pushing and pushing and pushing until it comes the point where you have to say stop.

“Better now where it’s sabre-rattling but not actual action than later.”

“If we back down now, that will reward belligerent behaviour. The lesson down the centuries is you mustn’t award belligerent behaviour.”


“Truth be told, we have to find a complete reset of our relationship with China. We depend on them. 

“Anybody who’s got an iPhone depends on them for the manufacturing of the iPhones. 

“We depend on a vast amount of economic activity. We’ve got to find a way without doing ourselves enormous harm find a new relationship. 

“And I’m afraid this is a part of that of saying to China you can’t always get your own way in the China Sea and Taiwan and so on.

“There will come a point if you want to stay within the civilised nation, you’ve got to come to an agreement with your neighbour.”

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Tensions between China and Taiwan mounted over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the sovereign country, as high-ranked Chinese senior officials had warned against it in the last few days. 

Despite serious warnings, the US Speaker made the trip to the island in a show of “unwavering commitment” to support Taiwan’s democracy. 

“We will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan and we are proud of our enduring friendship,” Ms Pelosi said in an address alongside Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen after she was awarded Taiwan’s highest civilian award. 

In response to Speaker Pelosi’s visit, China’s ambassador to UK Zheng Zeguang warned Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has “seriously violated the One China principle”, “seriously infringed Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity” and seriously “undermines peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

He added that the nature of the “question of Taiwan is completely different to the question of Ukraine.”

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