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'What wasn't destroyed they stole’ Ukrainian refugee sees looted items on Russian tank

According to the reports, the woman from Popasna saw a boiler in the box on the tank, which she and her husband couldn’t install. There were other appliances under the tablecloth, blanket and the sheets which she immediately recognised.

Alina Koreniuk, who is currently in the UK, told BBC that the box in the photo contains a new boiler she planned to install before the war started.

On April 8, Ms Koreniuk left Ukraine along with her children and are staying with a British couple in Nottinghamshire.

The picture, taken in late May, shows the tank moving past bombed residential buildings in the town of Popasna.

Ms Koreniuk said the photo was taken on a street just five minutes away from her house.

It was originally spotted by her husband.

She told the BBC: “He said ‘Do you notice anything strange about this photo,’ and asked me if I saw what he saw in it.”

Apart from the boiler, other items on the tank include a tablecloth from the family’s summer house, new Disney bedsheets for her children and a red blanket, she says.

The bed linen was used to cover something, Ms Koreniuk added, probably a TV or other electronic equipment, all of which had been left at the house when they were forced to leave.

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Their hosts are thought to be among the first in the country to register for the scheme.

A policewoman and former child psychologist, Ms Koreniuk and her family left Popasna on February 24 when the invasion began and shelling had already started in the area.

The family took very few of their possessions when they left.

Her mother was forced to leave behind a pet dog, which was killed either by shrapnel or by the occupying forces.

Ms Koreniuk described the difficult journey she and her two daughters made out of Ukraine to local media in the UK.

Her mother, grandmother and husband are still in Ukraine but in relative safety.

Many residents of occupied areas of Ukraine have complained of looting by Russian troops.

Russian forces have been in control of the town, in the Luhansk region, since May 8.



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