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What's that smell! Four summer stenches coming from your drains – and how to stop them

Food particles

According to Express Drainage Surveys, food falling into our drains is the “most common cause” of foul-smelling odours.

The company said: “Food comes off our cutlery and crockery as we wash it and goes down plug holes.

“While it may seem like it’s just the odd grain of rice or a random pea, these bits of food soon accumulate and can end up becoming an obstruction in the drain.”

The only way to prevent this type of smell is to “be vigilant” and stop items from going down the plughole in the first place.

A sure-fire way to prevent this happening is to scrape all leftover food into the bin instead of falling in the sink.

Drain defenders provide a simple but effective way of blocking unwanted items going down the drain too.

One of the main things to remember when it comes to keeping drains food-free is that no matter how small the food is or how slight it may be, they can all cause smelly problems.



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