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Why Macron is the only person Putin speaks to

Kremlin talking points

While Mr Macron may have Europe, and even Russia’s best interests in mind, Putin has shown a penchant for disrupting the western narrative.

Throughout the invasion, Russian officials have attempted to play down or outright deny they initiated the conflict, with Putin’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov stating today that Russia “did not attack Ukraine”.

When speaking to the French President, Putin can repeat Russian propaganda via a western source, as Mr Macron inevitably releases briefs about the contents of their call.

Last week, Elysee officials said the Russian premier had insisted the war was “going according to plan” and repeated thoroughly discredited accusations that a Neo-nazi organisation had assumed control of Ukraine’s government.

Although the French staffers only relayed the call’s contents, it meant they broadcast Kremlin talking points through western media outlets.



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