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William is ‘stubborn optimist’ on conservation as he steps up to rivals Harry’s podcast

He said: “The genesis of the idea bred from a feeling rather than anything else, so again, just before the Earthshot Prize.

“I’d been to Namibia, and I was just so blown away by the locals there and the work being done.

“And it was really giving me real positivity, real hope that we’re doing this, and look, communities are thriving, but also the wildlife are thriving.

“And I get home, and I read the newspapers and I see articles and I talk to people, and the doom and gloom starts to set in more about the sort of bigger picture.

“And that contrast between some of the amazing things that are going on the ground versus the narrative and the general feeling amongst most people, that sort of contrast really bothered me.

“I thought, ‘come on, how do we… if we’re gonna get anywhere here, there’s a lot of amazing people who’ve been doing this a lot longer than I’ve been talking about climate change.

“How do we get their voices heard more? How do we inspire people to say we can fix this?’

“So the Earthshot Prize came out and evolved slowly from that.” 

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Later on in the conversation, the Duke referred to himself as a “stubborn optimist” in relation to conservation.

He said that he believes the world can see real change in the health of the planet over the course of this generation – and that it’s not, in fact, all “doom and gloom”, as long as people work in the right direction.

He said: “To coin Christiana Figueres’ phrase, ‘stubborn optimist’—I think is sort of where I’m feeling quite like I’m at the moment.

“She’s given me a lot of hope that this can happen, and I believe it and I’m seeing it with my own eyes—it’s everyone doing their bit, and helping and supporting what we’re trying to do, it’s all of us in it together. 

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“I really think it can be done in much quicker time than we anticipate, because the solutions are out there.”

Prince Harry and Megan Markle are set to launch their own podcast Archetypes on Spotify this summer.

According to a spokesperson for Archwell Audio, the series will be thoroughly fact checked and address the spread of misinformation on Spotify.



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