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Winter Wonderland horror in Wales after two people injured on ride following ‘bang'

Two passengers on a Christmas ride have been hospitalised after an incident at the Winter Wonderland in Cardiff, Wales. The Christmas attraction opened on November 15 and takes place in two areas in the city, Cardiff Castle and the lawn of City Hall.

An ambulance was called at around 5.15pm on Saturday following the incident and the Welsh Ambulance Service confirmed that two patients were taken to the University Hospital of Wales

Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland has said the Ice Skater ride will remain closed while an investigation takes place, but it is understood Winder Wonderland opened as expected on Sunday.

A spokesman for Winter Wonderland said: “Safety is always a priority for us and a full investigation into the incident is now taking place.

“We, as the event organisers, are working closely with the ride owner/operator and all relevant organisations to investigate. The ride will remain closed during this time.”

Cardiff Council has said it will be supporting the investigation into the incident while the Health and Safety Executive has said it has been “making the appropriate inquiries”.

A teenage girl who was at the Christmas fair said she was celebrating her birthday with family when she saw a number of people fall onto the floor.

She told WalesOnline: “I was on the Ice Skater ride with my cousin. We were just having a fun time then we suddenly heard a massive bang.

“I didn’t know what it was. We looked behind us and the ride was still going and then we saw a lady on the floor.

“We then saw a second lady who was pushed into the railings and the railings had moved. She was lodged in between the ride and the railings.

“I think a third lady was also thrown into the railings. There were a few children on the ride who were no older than 11 or 12.”

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Another witness to the incident, Laura Rogers, from Pontypridd, said she was playing a game opposite the ride with family when she saw “the security running around all frantic.”

She claimed: “They pulled one railing off on the side. I then noticed a lady or girl on the side pinned against it.

“As I walked on I noticed another girl that looked unconscious. There were shoes on the floor that seemed to be flown off during this time.

“I stood for a little while and then I noticed one of the security staff talking to my mother-in-law.”

Ms Rogers added: “He told her that the bars had flung open… It was shocking to see for my five-year-old daughter who goes on this ride – also for everyone that had to witness it happening when they only went out for a good time.”



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