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Woman breastfeeding toddler would consider until the age of 6 – but more 'discreet'

“‘Go back to work, take these formula samples, etc.’ Support for breastfeeding is scarce and as a result, society believes breastfeeding after a certain age just isn’t important.”

Nicole shared when she is planning to stop: “At this point, I plan to stop breastfeeding once my youngest either weans himself, or hits three years old and I will have been breastfeeding for almost five consecutive years.

“I would like to stop for the fact that I’m just tired. Breastfeeding is extremely hard mentally and physically, and I would like my body back eventually.

“With that being said, who really knows when I’ll stop. I told myself only one year with my first, but here we are over two years later still going strong. It’s hard to explain, but it’s such a feat but also pure exhaustion to have been going this long.



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