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‘Wouldn’t believe him anyway!’ Express readers against Boris Johnson apology

Plenty of commenters also agreed with Mr Johnson’s explanation for his comments about Sir Keir and Jimmy Saville. 

Speaking to reporters in the wake of the initial comments, Mr Johnson said: “I want to be very clear about this because a lot of people have got very hot under the collar, and I understand why.

“Let’s be absolutely clear, I’m talking not about the Leader of the Opposition’s personal record when he was DPP and I totally understand that he had nothing to do personally with those decisions.

“I was making a point about his responsibility for the organisation as a whole. I really do want to clarify that, because it is important.”

Supporting this, user MarcThomas wrote: “The buck stops at the top, just like it did when parties were held at Number 10.”

User East Devon oldie wrote: “For the past four weeks Starmer has repeatedly called for Boris to resign for Partygate because ‘the man at the top is responsible for events under his watch’.

“Boris merely pointed out that Starmer was the DPP man at the top when the [Crown Prosecuting Service] CPS failed to prosecute Savile.”



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