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'You are weak!' Nick Ferrari erupts in furious Ukraine clash with 'lily-livered' caller

Mr Ferrari slammed caller John and referred to him multiple times as “weak John” and a Hitler apologist, due to the caller’s defence of Russia. John from Bethnal Green called in to discuss the ongoing war with Russia in Ukraine. The discussion with host Nick Ferrari quickly got heated after discussing which parts of countries in Europe Russia has annexed.

Mr Ferrari added: “Sorry excuse me, do you ever actually read anything to do with foreign… Are you aware that Russia has annexed Crimea?

“Are you aware?”

Caller John said: “Yes I have an understanding of the situation there.”

Mr Ferrari said: “You are aware right? And you’re aware that they’ve annexed South Ossetia?”

The incensed caller asked: “Well what do you suggest we do?”

Mr Ferrar said: “No no no, I’m asking a few questions, we’ll do it this way.

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Mr Ferrari said: “John you’re weak you have no backbone, you’re lily-livered and you are weak, you are weak John of Bethnal Green.”

Caller John added: “Nick, Nick oh yeah of course I am, If you knew me, I run Bethnal Green.”

Mr Ferrari said: “Pardon?”

Caller John laughed before he added: “You make me laugh people like you, you wouldn’t confront a burglar, you would let someone break into your next-door neighbours…”

Mr Ferrar added: “I tell you what, I know I would confront someone who authorises troops to rape and murder my friends, you are weak John of Bethnal Green, weak John.”



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