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‘You chose us!’ Queen's reaction to Windsor Horse Show joke sparks fan frenzy

Broadcasted last night, A Gallop Through History took the audience through history with acting and musical performances alongside horse displays as part of the celebration for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The historical extravaganza included 1,300 performers and 500 horses. Her Majesty, 96, was on top form during the show, laughing, pointing and clapping throughout – but one joke in particular brought a hilarious reaction from the Queen.

This brilliant moment came following a teasing remark from comedian Omid Djalili about the Queen missing the State Opening of Parliament last week.

She was forced to pull out at the last minute due to mobility issues – but reportedly watched from the comfort of her Windsor Castle home.

Closing the show, Mr Djalili said: “Thank you to the Great British public who have shown up tonight, in the back there, wearing comfortable shoes and light rain-wear.”

He then went on to thank the guest of honour, but his comment raised a few eyebrows.

He said: “Your Royal Highness, on behalf of everyone here we would like to thank you, very humbly, for picking us over the State Opening of Parliament.

“You did the right thing, and I won £5 in a bet with my local kebab shop owner in Ipswich.”

The audience promptly applauded the joke – but the best part came when the camera panned to Her Majesty.

The Queen gave a subtle, knowing smile, before raising her hand in the air.

Another brilliant fan moment came when the Queen reacted to seeing one of her own horses.

One of the show’s vibrant processions included one of Her Majesty’s riding ponies.

She could be seen proudly telling those sitting next to her “that’s mine!”

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In another moment, Alan Titchmarsh led an emotional tribute to the Queen, saying: “For over 70 years, there has been a constant heartbeat in this nation. And that heart belongs to Her Majesty the Queen.”

The 4,000-strong crowd erupted into cheers and applause – well, all except one.

The Queen simply gave a nonchalant shrug to the remark.

Her Majesty was looking radiant as she appeared before the British public following a period of absence.

She appeared in a blue dress with a sparkly shawl, and her trusted black leather shoes and handbag.

The 96-year-old could even be seen reapplying her lipstick.



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