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Zara and Mike have 'extraordinary cosmic compatibility' but may face upcoming 'challenges'

It’s no secret that Zara and Mike Tindall are still as smitten with each other as they were when they met in 2003. Astrologer Debbie Frank spoke exclusively to about the couple’s compatibility and attraction.

Who better than Princess Diana’s personal astrologer to shed light on this royal coupling?

Debbie began: “Zara and Mike are the royal couple who exude that unmistakeable magnetic frisson between them.

“Wherever they are the room lights up – powered by the dynamic between them.

“It’s their extraordinary cosmic compatibility that radiates in their every move.”

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So was this pairing foretold by the stars?

Debbie explained: “Zara is a Sun sign Taurus (a sign which is a common factor amongst the royals – the Queen, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all share this sign).

“Taurus loves all things physical and is essentially a down-to-earth sign.

“Mike has his Sun in Libra – the sign of relationship, with the capacity to smoothly move between types of people.”


And the two of them are able to expertly balance each other out; “Whilst Taurus is stubborn, Libra is compromising”.

Consequently, Mike knows “when to let Zara have her own way”, the expert claimed.

Debbie continued: “Taurus and Libra both appreciate the good things in life, yet there is a secret star frequency between this couple which ancient astrology deemed the most compatible factor.

“Zara’s physically luscious Taurus Sun falls on Mike’s Taurus Moon – they fit like gloves.

“What’s more, Mike’s Libra Sun falls on Zara’s Moon in Libra – a double whammy factor which draws them together, irons out differences and makes them mutually irresistible.”

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Both Zara and Mike also have a Scorpio signature, with Zara’s Scorpio Ascendant matching Mike’s Venus, Mars, Uranus and Mercury, meaning “this is a relationship that transforms them both on a deep level”.

Debbie explained: “Zara’s Libra Moon is next to passionate intense Pluto and Mike’s Libra Sun is also next to this powerful planet – pluto is a deep and potentially volcanic factor.

“With Sun and Moon so close to this powerhouse planet, Zara and Mike like to live a full-on life yet of course this intensity spills into their personal relationship which can create power struggles and eruptions.”

According to the expert, it is unlikely these two will ever settle into a “domesticated rut”.

But even the best of couples face their inevitable challenges.

What may these be, according to the stars, and how will they handle them?

Luckily, their shared Pluto factor means that Zara and Mike actually like a “challenge”, and prefer it to neutrality, so difficulties may not phase them.

Debbie claimed: “They keep each other permanently on their toes and give as good as they get.

“Their physical attraction is a good outlet for this intensity, but the energy between they have to be careful not to control each other psychologically.”

As for dates to watch out for, “Zara will have the disruptive planet Uranus on her marriage angle in 2024” and this will be in opposition to Mike’s Venus, planet of love and relationships.

Debbie concluded: “They are no strangers to these kinds of challenges but this is one to watch.”

Astrologer Debbie Frank is the author of What’s Your Soul Sign?.



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